On Demand Learning App Review

30 04 2016


Duolingo Review:


  • Great looking interface
  • Easy to use
  • Assesses your ability before you get started
  • Can learn multiple languages
  • Reminds you to use the app and also allows you to set the amount of time you want to dedicate a day to learning a language.
  • Engages all types of learners through, sound, spoken word, written work, visual cues, etc.
  • Separated into small chunks, nouns, phrases, verbs, tenses, etc.
  • Has incentives like trophies and there’s always a new goal, you can also see your friends scores.
  • Questions types are mixed up so keeps it interesting.


  • Doesn’t always work at your level – but it’s usually lower level when it’s off.
  • Spoken text doesn’t always work well.
  • Spelling errors set you back (even little ones)



Quizlet Review:

I got a chance to really explore it this time!!


  • Versatile, can make it whatever you want it to be.
  • Easy to use.
  • Infinite resources – teacher can share with other teachers.
  • Great tool for differentiated instruction, its simple setup allows for students to encounter the same material in different ways, therefor keeping their interest.
  • Simple design, own images can be included.


  • Time consuming to make your own resources.
  • Resources included aren’t always the best quality.
  • Almost too many resources to skim through.
  • Design can be off due to user error – teacher has a lot of control over everything.



Review of Algebra Genie:


  • Lots of topics covered.
  • Built in quizzes.
  • Made by teachers
  • Great college prep questions.
  • Clean an simple layout
  • Broke down topic areas
  • Related to the curriculum
  • Allows students to stay on par with students from other countries (US/UK)


  • Looks a little date.
  • A bit glitchy.
  • Slow at times, needless animated intros.








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