Teaching my peers

29 04 2016

Here’s a video highlighting the PD I helped run with one of my Peers, Kelly (camdries), who organized the entire evening of learning.  I was also able to work the school board members at the board who are in charge of making sure ICT is available for teachers and students in the classroom and that teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skill to use these tools.    So in an effort to keep up with the rest of the board, Kelly came up with an idea to get other Occasional teachers on board with ICT in the classroom.  It was an eye opening experience.  Many occasional teachers had very little knowledge or understanding of these tools.  But they were all eager to learn!  I found it was much more difficult teaching my peers than students in general.  There were so many questions and so much they wanted to know and I only had 35-45 min to give them a good idea of what Google Docs can do.  My main goal was to get across to them what makes Google Docs better (sharing/collaborating/tracking progress) than regular word processing software and I was able to do that.  Overall, it went well and I was also able to learn about Google Classroom because it’s the one session topic I had very little experience with.  In closing, I am glad to have been a part in this day and I believe that more of these session are necessary  because I have had to use ICT everyday in the past week while being called out to work daily Occasional calls.  ICT in the classroom is here to stay!





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