My Golden Rules for Creating an Online Learning Resource

29 04 2016

Here’s a simple list to use to ensure that you are creating a resource that people/students will want to use, be successful using and enjoy using:

  1. Everything should be broken down into easy to follow steps and sections (depending on how extensive the task is). Ex. Recipes are usually broken down into Ingredients, steps for each part so for a cake how to make the icing, how to make the filling, how to make the cake, how to cook cake and how to assemble the cake.
  2. Each step is accompanied by a visual resource (video, image, animated gif).
  3. Instructions are clear and concise visuals can be used to help– easy to understand English.
  4. Anything that can be considered dangerous or of grave importance to the task is highlighted/bolded.
  5. Visually pleasing – up to date.

Simplicity is key!  Happy creating!





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