Solution #4 – Creating a Paperless Classroom

11 02 2016


I thought this would be a great post as iPads seem to be the choice for tablets used in the classroom.  Here’s a link to the website that discuss the best apps to use: iPad Apps.

Here are the top 5 apps that I found most useful for myself:

  1. Google Drive (I think this is essential for all students in my school board to learn) – very powerful and complex tool but very easy to use!
  2. QRReader – this app allows you to print your own QR codes which are great for keeping track of who has what as students often borrow expensive equipment in the Communications Technology classroom.
  3. Google Classroom – Works great when in collaboration with other Google Apps.  Creates a learning hub for the classroom.
  4. Ping Pong Spot Networking – this app is great for classroom or even school polls, a great way for students to collect information and be tested.
  5. Skitch – Allows you to annotate images – great way to mark and give feedback on Photoshop or Illustrator assignments.

Checkout the others, they may prove useful to you!





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