Solution #1 – Creating a Paperless Classroom

11 02 2016


Hi all, I will be focusing my blog posts on creating a paperless classroom for the next little bit.  I hope you can take something away from here and use it in your own practices!

Solution #1 WordPress Blog for the Classroom

I read a blog post made by Michelle Weber who actually works for WordPress about how WordPress can be a great tool for students to keep classroom conversations going as well as how parents can connect with what is happening in the classroom.

Here’s a link to her posting:

A few things that I took away from this is:

–       Students have the ability to create their own blogs through

–       Classroom discussions can continue outside the classroom.

–       Great interface to collaborate with parents for regular day-to-day work as well as big events like field trips.

–       Other social media resources can be linked in ie. Twitter feed.

–       Ability to post tips and resources.

–       Communicate with school clubs.

Great place to start moving towards a paper-free classroom as it is a very simple interface to begin with but can become quite complex when you begin seeking your teeth into it!




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