RULZ Assignment

4 05 2015

Rulz – Intro to Photography and creating a layout in Photoshopthirds

In student guide workbook pages 18-26 you will find Photography rules read these pages and then make a rough plan of the images you plan on taking. Choose 8 rules and create a 2-page spread. You must label the rule and then describe how you have demonstrated this rule through your photo in 2-3 sentences. Be as creative as you can with your layout. Make your document 300 dpi and 11”X17”.
This is what a 2-page or double page spread can look like.



Photo example:
This image was taken using the rule of thirds. I decided to put my subject in the lower right corner of the photograph. I believe this composition is effective because the eyes is naturally drawn to the right so the viewer will quickly digest the content of the entire photo and then focus on the subject.

Rules can be found in here.  Freisen’s Yearbook resource




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